The Fisher Group
Coldwell Banker Realty



Legal and Title Costs

Varies, depending on attorney and complexity of transaction:  $900 to $1,500



a. Mortgage, varies
b. Mortgage Cancellation Fee $40.00 to $75.00
c. Other Liens


Realty Transfer Tax For NJ (see guide at bottom)



(Either a credit or charge to adjust for payments
made prior to or beyond the closing date)
a. Tax ________
b. Water/Sewer ________
c. Oil in tank _______
d. Homeowner’s Association Fees _______


Certificate of Occupancy

(If applicable) $40.00 to $125.00


Smoke Detector

$25.00 to $50.00


Carbon Monoxide Certificate

$25.00 to $75.00


Real Estate Commission

Consult with your real estate agent 


NJ Non-Resident Income Tax

Estimated taxes are paid when deed is recorded. Minimum amount is 2% of sales price.  (Exemptions apply; consult your attorney for details)